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Protecting Spawning Salmon & Redds

The Middle Fork of the Salmon is one of the few remaining viable spawning rivers for Chinook salmon in the Columbia River basin. These fish are critical to the health of the Middle Fork and adjacent lands and they are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Use and visitation to the Middle Fork during the spawning period of August 15 – September 15 is allowed but special Forest Service restrictions apply.

Middle Fork river outfitters are in the forefront in taking steps to protect and enhance Chinook salmon recovery. Our outfitter and guides diligently support and adhere to the following guidelines and we encourage other river users to join us in efforts to protect spawning Chinook salmon and their redds. The Chinook spawning season on the main-stem Middle Fork occurs for a month, from August 15-September 15.

Become a Middle Fork Redd Alert Volunteer

The Middle Fork Outfitter Association created the Redd Alert program to help educate the public and river visitors about protecting spawning wild salmon and steelhead. The primary purpose of our Redd Alert volunteer program is educating boaters about the location of redds and distributing our Redd Alert informational boat tags. Typically a volunteer commits to spending two weeks on the Middle Fork helping with this effort.

Last season our volunteer program was instrumental in educating visitors about redds. With the help of volunteers, redd avoidance by boaters achieved a compliance rate of 86% in 2018 compared to 58% in 2017. We wish to build on that success in 2019. If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, contact Grant Simonds, Executive Director of the Middle Fork Outfitters Association. Telephone: 1-208-867-2138.

Before Launching

  • Obtain current info from Forest Service River Interpreters.
  • Know locations of Redds.
  • Understand and recognize the placement of redd markers.
  • Obtain briefing from the volunteer monitor or River Interpreters.
  • Inform passengers of redd rules.

While Boating

  • Avoid redds to protect eggs and spawning fish.
  • No fishing for Salmon. Leave them alone.
  • Stay at least 25 feet away from all redds.
  • No wading, fishing, casting, or boating near redds.
  • Obey marker protocol.

More Information

Note to the Press

For more information about Chinook Salmon recovery, please contact Grant Simonds, Executive Director of the Middle Fork Outfitters Association. Telephone: 1-208-867-2138.